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The earliest records of this religion are in Rig Veda, the oldest literature known to mankind. Some portions of the Rig Veda have been dated to before 6000 BC. This implies that the religion was in vogue at least a few centuries earlier than that as it is an oral tradition. Hinduism has been gaining increasing popularity due to its high philosophy, broad outlook and non-dogmatic approach. Hinduism is different from many other religions in that it does not have a founder and does not claim exclusivity. Its explicitly accepts all religions as valid.

The basic principles of Hinduism are in Upanishads and they have been collected, organised and explained in various other texts. But the root or source are the Upanishads.

Hinduism has three basic principles:

1.     It is God who has created this universe and everything in it.

2.     The aim of life is to know God.

3.     As many people, so many ways to God.

This website is dedicated to the Hindus living in Ireland and is looked after by Vedic Hindu Culture Centre of Ireland (VHCCI).

Vedic Hindu Cultural Centre Ireland (VVHCCI) was launched in 2015 with a view to create an Indian Cultural Centre in and around Dublin . The Cultural Centre will provide a platform for the community to practice and promote Indian culture. The Cultural Centre will be broadly based covering various important aspects of Indian culture viz. music, languages, drama, yoga, religion, etc. It will also provide a place of worship, Mandir, need for which has been long felt. Through awareness and practice of our culture it will be possible for us and our children to integrate with the Irish community without losing our identity. Such a cultural centre will be accessed by everyone in society, Indians and non-Indians alike.


VHCCI main aim is to manage and run the temple operations efficiently and effectively to serve all devotees inclusively, irrespective of their background or traditions.  Any contribution will be gratefully received. You may donate a one-off lump-sum or a regular amount by standing order. For further information please visit or contact

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