Dear Devotees and Supporters,                                                                                           

It has been over six months since the opening of our Mandir. We are happy to share with you that positive messages are still pouring in from many of you who had visited the Mandir on or after the opening, about the beauty and vibrations of Shanti that was felt in the Mandir! So much so, our daily Puja, which we have been conducting without any break, is being very well attended on Facebook and is being highly appreciated. This has been a very motivating and encouraging factor for all of us. 


During the last 6 months, we have received a few valid queries and concerns from all of you, First of all, please accept our apology for the late reply, as we all were very busy dealing with regulators. 

we would like to take this opportunity and clarify some of those points. 

Bhartiya Sanskritik Society (BSS) & Interest-free loan to BSS 

  • The real name of the organisation was Bhartiya Sanskritik Kendra Trust (BSKT) that was abbreviated by the bank for convenience to BSS. BSKT, as a precursor to HCCI, was formed in 1991 with objectives similar to HCCI (and VHCCI). Thus, BSKT is the mother of HCCI and VHCCI. BSKT always remained an unincorporated organisation with a draft constitution. It wasn’t activated being unviable at the time due to the community being small.

  • Money was transferred from HCCI, on professional advice from solicitor and accountant, to BSS to safeguard it against a potential threat. It was a safer option to deal with an organisation that has common management. Three directors from BSKT had joined HCCI and continue with VHCCI. 

  • The year-on-year variation in amount is because HCCI was still in full operation, and had also acquired the Mandir on lease in 2012 in Lucan. So, HCCI needed occasionally to withdraw the funds for its ongoing activities.

  • Ultimately, the BSS returned HCCI's funds in 2015 but also transferred its funds of €27,252.

  • As a result, VHCCI NOW HAS the MANDIR.

HCCI & VHCCI Constitution 

  • VHCCI is following the CRA Model Constitution. CRA wasn’t around when HCCI was formed in 2007. However, the HCCI constitution was based on a standard template from the Company Registration Office (CRO) and had a CHY number issued by the Revenue Commissioners. HCCI has subsequently transformed into VHCCI since 2015; HCCI has been defunct since 2015 and is now legally closed. Neither of the two authorities (CRO and CRA) has ever complained about the constitution(s). 

Charity Status

  • VHCCI, as a registered charity, has obligations to meet legal requirements by the Charity Regulator. One cannot become a charity one day and the next day a private organisation. Please visit http://www.charityregulator.ie/ for more guidance on this topic.


  • VHCCI directors in 2015 are the same persons who were directors of HCCI at that time. HCCI was transformed into VHCCI, in every detail.

  • The Article about the selection of Directors was inserted by the founding members as a guideline for the Board. The intention has been to avoid election as it sometimes leaves a bitter aftertaste. HCCI has always been practising making decisions by consensus, and so does the VHCCI.

  • HCCI had 10 founding members (Directors) in 2007. VHCCI had 10 founding members (Directors) in 2015 that included three new, selected directors. 

  • The ‘selection’ process has served VHCCI and HCCI well. The Board has operated smoothly and efficiently. As a result, we do have a Mandir as part of the Cultural Centre. The proof of the pudding is in the eating it! 

HCCI and VHCCI income and expenses between 2007 and 2020:

  • HCCI and VHCCI board of directors have published a summary of all financial information on our website www.hindu.ie/reports.

  • Two summary documents provide financial activity based on HCCI and VHCCI yearly activities. 

  • First document: The very first page is the summary of HCCI income and expenses from its inception in 2007 to closure in 2015 and at the end of 2015, Euro 156,729 was transferred to VHCCI a/c to buy Temple property and

  • Second document: The very first page is the summary of VHCCI income and expenses from its inception in 20015 to 2020.

  • These documents also contain supplementary information for financial statements.


  • It has always been VHCCI policy to ensure compliance with statutory regulations for public buildings. Lately, due to extensive delays, our priority has been to do everything possible to publicly open the Mandir ASAP even if that meant some elements of the project had to have temporarily differed. We are grateful for your kind support and understanding, over this difficult time. We have achieved our primary goal.

  • All this has impacted the processing of the Life Membership issue, a promise made in good faith in 2018 when the First Time a matter of membership was considered. VHCCI subsequently decided to consider all the Donors for Life Membership who have had made generous financial contributions over the lifetime of HCCI and VHCCI. And this caused further administrative delays. We do hope you understand the circumstances.

  • VHCCI, as a registered charity, has obligations to meet legal requirements by the Charity Regulator; meaning thereby, any other obligations, real or perceived, are secondary. However, we shall do our best to balance both with your support.  

  • We have rolled out the Life Membership and send forms to all donors and we will send membership numbers to all donor who have sent the correct form and those will meet the criteria defined in our membership condition.

Other updates

  • Heating work fully completed 

  • Website is upgraded

  • Planning for running of the Culture Centre and Mandir when it fully opens.

  • Full annual financial statements, from 2007 onwards, are being published on the VHCCI website (https://www.hindu.ie/reports).

  • Reporting to regulatory authorities, CRO and CRA, is well looked after.

  • Quarterly visit and compliance of Health & Safety and Fire.

  • Daily opening of the temple by volunteers 

Last, but not least, through this News Board (www.hindu.ie/FAQ), we will regularly keep you updated and informed on any further developments/progress that takes place.


Please stay well & safe and let's all keep virtually attending our daily Puja online at www.facebook.com/hindu.ie

Monday – Saturday: 6pm to 7pm.

Sunday: 4pm to 5pm.